Features and benefits

What WareLook can do for you

WareLook is an application that allows displaying your inventory online. If you are currently using an inventory-management system and you need to check your stocks at any time, quickly and from anywhere then WareLook might be the solution.

What WareLook can do for you

For example your sales agents on the road will gain instant access to all the inventory in your company's warehouses, they'll know exactly what and where can be found, the selling prices, if a specific item is on sale or not and a lot of other things.
The same for your customers.
Think about the advantages of this system if we'd be talking about 10.000 items in 7 warehouses each having 5 sections of 300 bins or locations.

WareLook is an application developed for real companies with real needs and it is optimized for speed and ease of use.
Our goal is to offer you an useful tool that is also solid and user-friendly.


WareLook is interfaced with several accounting/ERP systems

Filtering, sorting and automated tagging

Multi-warehouse, section and bin support/extension

Automatic inventory update



Two multicurrency selling prices

Item details

Measurement units

Item image support


Customization services