CIEL Business Management V7 integration completed


We have added a new interface to the WareLook client, this time for CIEL Business Management V7. The integration allows the breakdown of CIEL warehouse code as WareLook's warehouse, section and location codes. As with other integrations, if certain items or warehouses need to be removed from the synchronization flow they can be marked with an exclusion symbol.
The extraction of the additional information and the mapping to WareLook's fields is also functional. For example, if the Ciel database contains an additional information called "weight" and the export of this information to the on-line database is required then we need to define a mapping between the two fields in the application's ini file.
The uploaded prices are those defined in the item dictionary and the information on the applicable VAT rate and whether it is included or not in the wholesale price will be displayed by the web application in the "VAT" column.